My no fail (milk free) crêpe recipe ... (Merci Julia Childs).

March 21, 2017

Growing up my mum always told me that the first crepe was always a waste. You would cook it knowing it would end up in the bin. Why she wouldn't just eat it, regardless of how it looked I never understood especially considering how much the French hate wasting food. I grew up believing this was true - until I tried Julia Childs crepe recipe, made in the vitamix (or a blender) and using melted butter in the batter mix. Genius. 



Here's my version - over the years we've become slightly dairy intolerant so I know use coconut milk in all my cooking instead of the dairy version. Just use the long life milk variety, not the ones in cans or tins as that has a heavier coconut fat content and is suited for different purposes. 


Recette Crêpes fines sucrées 



3/4 cup milk (this is where I use coconut milk, not cows milk)

3/4 cup cold water

3 egg yolks

1 tablespoon sugar ( I use coconut sugar for its nutritional benefits, over refined white sugar)

1 cup flour ( I use TIPO OO Italian flour )
5 tablespoons melted butter




Blend all ingredients in a blender at top speed for 1 minute.  


Ideally at this point you would then pour your batter into a bowl and let sit for a few hours or in the fridge overnight, but if you're like me and can't wait but blame it on the kids ( wink wink ) then just use it straightaway. 


One 3/4 of a ladel is perfect for one paper thin crêpe. I usually add more water just before I'm about to cook so I get a very thin crêpe. You won't need to add any butter or oil to the pan, because the recipe is perfect for a golden crepe each and every time, including the first crepe. 


When the edge of the crêpe turn golden and start to crisp you'll know it's time to flip. Place your flat spatula underneath an edge, then make its way to the middle and flip. The second side will be ready once it smells delicious and is all golden. 

Just place all crêpes on a plate until it's time to serve. I like to use raspberry jam on my crepes, or have an option of lemon and sugar and sometimes Nutella. I lay it all out and the kids can make their own as they please.  Et voila ... enjoy!











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